New Hitchhiker’s author announced

This sounds, and I’m quite sure is, a very bad, sad idea.

Just read that again. A new Hitchhiker’s book, by someone – and get this – who’s not Douglas Adams.


Even if Eoin Colfer is a very good author himself (and he may very well be, as far as I can tell from the one – graphic – novel I’ve read).

Even if people want to see it.

Even quite apart from what happened the last time they brought in another writer (Arthur-Trillian romance agogo).

Even not considering that Hitchhiker’s is not supposed to be a fucking franchisee. Not in the stories department.

Even forgetting that Adams himself had a hard time measuring up to the early installments.

Even disregarding that it isn’t fair to the series, and (more importantly) to the authors involved – both the dead chap and the one still moving around.

And even if, and I say this very honestly, the book itself might turn out to be quite good.

For some reason (and I know what the reason is – it’s my private nightmare about this move), the whole thing reminds me of Promethea’s Weeping Gorilla.

There are other reasons, but most of them are here. So, I’ll say this again, clearly, precisely, so no one can miss it in the surrounding text:


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