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This post is a few days late, because I was ill and looking at a computer screen made me feel like someone was driving crystal nails through my skull at the rate of 60 Hz/sec.

Anyway, I am taking part in this. I sent the following mail to people who would directly affect my getting through it:

Dear near and dear ones,

This email functions as a combination of a declaration and a request.

In the month of November, I will be embarking on the exciting (as far as that’s possible sitting in one place for long hours) and tiring (which is, well, true) task of writing a novel. From 1st November to 30th November, every day (except for 29th November, as far as I know), I am going to sit at my desk and write. At the end of the month, I am supposed to have written more than 50,000 words. I might or might not write that much. I might or might not finish the book in approx. 50,000 words. If I don’t, I will continue to write in the same routine till it’s done.

I am making a big chart, detailing the book. You (those that live here in Pune) are permitted to doodle on it and make your mark in approx. 1/50th of the chart per person. No more.

Here’s what I need from you. I won’t be able to get out much in this time. I believe this task will take me around 3-4 hours a day. I’m not entirely sure. I will be when I start. So during November, you are required to be comparatively silent about your weekdays fun activities. I will mostly not be getting out of the house on weekdays. I will be getting out of the house on non-working days, mainly because I’ll have enough time to both write and have other kinds of fun. Anyhow, don’t be too tempting. Thank you very much.

Other than that, you will, hopefully, be helping to keep me on track. Once or twice a week, someone should ask me where I am and if I’ve done what I was supposed to have done by then.

That’s mainly it. At the end of November, we will see how it has gone.

Thanking you.

Yours reclusively,


As a show of solidarity to the project, here we go:

NaNoWriMo Participant