What You Don’t Know Can Still Hurt You


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Images used under a Creative Commons license:
y mírate y mírate…

Lettering font by Blambot.com

I found this picture in my image search. It does not appear in the comic, but I want to point it out anyway: No queremos ser como los demás

8 responses to “What You Don’t Know Can Still Hurt You

  1. Oh, I *like*. Make more!

    • Thank you. I do intend to do more, but the illustration of this one turned out to be quite time-intensive. I shall have to make GIMP bend to my will in a proper and satisfactory manner.

  2. Nice :D Dude I’m impressed, really.

  3. Bravo ! young(!) lad!

  4. @chetan: I think,u mean Bravo! young(?) lad(y) (?)!

  5. Oh.
    Very beautifully conceptualised.

  6. @Alpana, Chetan, salil, ~river~

    Thanks! Glad you all liked it.

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