‘Secret War’ Teaser Image

Here’s a teaser image from the webcomic project I’m currently working on with artist Nitin Veturkar, tentatively called Secret War.

These are the uncoloured ink roughs for the first chapter frontispiece (click on image to embiggen):


I’ll be uploading some development sketches in the near future.

Comments are welcome.

8 responses to “‘Secret War’ Teaser Image

  1. Edgy stuff and as I told you, phenomenal!

    And incidentally, is embiggen a word?

  2. Ah, teaser it is ! Can’t wait to see the rest of it.

  3. Wonderful work Aditya, look fwd to the ‘big’ picture. And I love the use of embiggen :)

  4. Love the linework.

    Re embiggen, think I came across it in an episode of The Simpsons. (Lisa the Iconoclast, I think was the name of the episode. I know, I am ashamed too).

  5. Karan Deshmukh

    Adya… Can’t believe how all of us from our class are doing so good in every damn profession.. That image is no doubt brilliant.. but my RESPECT bro for you to follow your dream and love for the english language…
    Knowing you for so long.. lemme tell you not all have the guts to quit the mundane professions *engineering & likewise* and professionally do something they freakin’ love..

    Also.. tell me if there is a sign campaign or something for ’embiggen’.. even i like the word! lol

  6. Cool this is..I Am a huge cartoon fan..all the best for your project..

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